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The Lion and The Red Viper by hmwsgx
The Lion and The Red Viper
Genderbent Red Viper is this bombshell: :iconrileyrose:
Cersei is me
Photo by Bob Suh, photography superstar <3
Lion Gorget by WM Armory ( )
Wig is from - Arwen in pale blonde

Who is ready for Season 5?! :D I made my Cersei dress 2 years ago, before Simplicity and McCalls made GoT patterns, andI ended up not caring for the sleeves. I let this costume sit on the backburner until I had a more suitable pattern for sleeves, remade it for D*Con, and ended up enjoying wearing the Iron Throne dress. I didn't get into this costume until ECCC 2015 and now I realize I truly adore this costume!

It was my first time doing extensive braiding and hairstyling on a wig. I learned a lot from it since I stretched out the wig cap elastic and had to sew darts into the cap to size it down again. I have to say, I love lacefronts now. They are worth the extra bit of money!
The odds are never in our favor. by hmwsgx
The odds are never in our favor.
Happy Hunger Games, everyone!
Johanna Mason is my favorite victor, so I HAD to do the arena suit from Catching Fire. Once the weather gets nice again, I think I will do a blood rain shoot >: D

I'm a big fan of the book series and cannot wait to see Mockingjay!!!

Johanna - Me
Katniss - Shelby (need to see if she is on dA...)
Arena suit pattern - Amanda Fujita
Axe - WM Armory
The Iron Throne, a softer side by hmwsgx
The Iron Throne, a softer side
Photo by Cosplay Boom--support this awesome show!
Digital Sword pattern: Amanda Fujita, printed on
Sword corset and bracers: WM Armory
Wildfire: Geekoutlet

This was my "secret" costume for DragonCon 2014, and an extremely last minute idea that couldn't have been possible without my friends. I absolutely adored wearing this costume, and loved every reaction I received. And yes, numerous GoT characters sat on me (after asking me nicely! They were all wonderful)

The Iron Throne pattern was digitally painted by Amanda Fujita, and was printed on fabricondemand. I totally spaced, didn't buy enough fabric to do the pattern I designed for the dress, and had to majorly trim down my patterns and patchwork the middle section to make the dress long enough. Luckily, WM Armory was kind enough to make my sword corset (and bracers!) the day before the con so I could hide my rushed job. He also helped paint the sword collar :) The awesome glowing wildfire was commissioned from geekoutlet.
You and me, dance-off right now! by hmwsgx
You and me, dance-off right now!
Helmet was made by WM Armory I just helped model it for his portfolio. It was a hectic personal project for him, and a labor of love. He doesn't have his costume ready, but I had some clothes that I could muster together to make some vague Star Lord costume. Not my best work (or my work, at all, for that matter), but I really love how his helmet came out.

I've been lurking on dA, work has kept me pretty swamped and a lot of the costumes I've made recently have been for others, or they are just fun silly little ones for costume parties. Maybe I will post those soon.

Insert typical "Star-Lord is a copyright character of Marvel Comics. This is a rule 63 spin-off of the character and was made for non-profit. This was a personal project and is not for buying/selling/etc. No raccoons or tree-creatures were harmed in the making of this costume."


SDCC has come and gone, and assuming you have seen the photos on Rana's fan page, you have seen the completed version. The full WIP album is here:…

It was a rough few days before sdcc, and i broke about 6 machine needles (a new record!) but it was done--or at least passable for the time being. There are a few details i need to go back and fix on the jacket, and finish Rana's bootcovers, but more or less she is done.…

I was going to write more but...i fell asleep as i was writing this. So, eventually there will be more updates and improvements on the costume. But again, i wanted to take everyone who donated, watched my progress, went to Rana's booth, or just cheered me on. Thank you!

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